Clean-up Day 2015

On 11 April 2015 over seventy local residents, former occupants and other concerned citizens came together for the 2nd CLEANUP DAY at the Alexander Haus in Groß Glienicke, Postdam.

During the day, the volunteers cleared the garden and the exterior of the property.  Scores of fallen trees and overgrown bushes were picked up and shredded, the pond was cleaned of debris, and weeds and vines were removed from the terrace. The original stones stairs down to the lake were uncovered, many are still in excellent condition. Astonishingly, it is now possible to see the lake from the house. 

In 1927, this enchanting summer house by the Groß Glienicke lake was built by the Jewish doctor Dr. Alfred Alexander. Dr. Alexander was head of the Berlin Chamber of Physicians (Berliner Ärztekammer). His clients included Albert Einstein, Marlene Dietrich and Max Rein- hardt. In 1936, the Alexander family fled Nazi Germany and moved to England. The house was then occupied by music publisher Will Meisel and then, after the German partition, a series of DDR families. From 1961, the Berlin Wall was built across the garden between the house and the lake.

The house is today owned by the City of Potsdam. In November 2013, the Alexander Haus eV was established by the Alexander family and members of the local community with the objective of restoring the house and creating an educational and meeting space for the public to commemorate Dr. Alexander and the history of the house and families who lived there. In 2014, the State of Brandenburg listed the house as a monument (Denkmal).

The City of Potsdam as owner supports the efforts of the Alexander Haus e.V. in its goal. Currently an agreement on the use between the City and the Verein is being established.

At 4pm the Alexander Haus associatoin held its first cultural event at the house, in association with the Groß Glienicke Kreis, with songs composed by Will Meisel and Bruno Balz performed to a crowd of over 40 people. 

Thomas Harding, President of the Alexander Haus e.V. said ‘We are delighted to be once again working with the local community of Groß Glienicke to restore the Alexander Haus and are grateful for the great support by the city, the community and the Groß Glienicker Kreis. We are very pleased that the City of Potsdam has trusted us to restore the house to its former beauty, and hopefully soon, make it available to the public. Next we have to raise the funds to pay for all the repairs!’