The Alexander Haus  will be a centre for education and reconciliation. 

Our intention is to use the extraordinary history of the Alexander Haus to bring people together from different cultures and religions, within German and European societies, with a global perspective. Our vision is to create dialogue and to build a resilient, vibrant and tolerant society today, and for our common future.

Europe is once again witnessing extremism and racism in all its forms. Globally we live with the risk of terror attacks, intolerance and hatred. We are convinced that we must use history and memory to learn from our past in order to collectively build a tolerant, inclusive and bold future. To this end the Alexander Haus will be known as a model of truth and social cohesion, working with and for the local community while radiating much further to ensure impact beyond its borders.

Establishing a safe space where dialogue, creativity, diversity and natural beauty are all nourished, the Alexander Haus will inspire courageous thinking and positive results in a joyful but thoughtful environment. As an interfaith and multi-generational hub we will establish strong trusted partnerships with public and private, German and non-German institutions, that all bridge difference and value reconciliation.

Where once the Alexander Haus was a place from where refugees fled, it will become a refuge, a safe haven. This has become particularly poignant, and personal, for the Alexander family since nine relatives have just arrived in Berlin from Damascus and sought asylum (Amanda Harding married a Syrian Kurd 25 years ago, the newly arrived are her nephews and nieces).


Our first goal is to restore the 1927 summer house of German-Jewish physician, Dr Alfred Alexander (the Lake House). This will sit at the heart of the property and it is the ‘diva’ of the project. Once renovated, the Lake House will contain a permanent exhibition which will be open to the public. A refugee will also be based in the house as an artist or writer in residence. Educational and cultural activities will complete the programme.

Our second goal is to build a fully-equipped modern seminar and residential facility of national and European importance. This will be used by organisations promoting reconciliation, education and understanding between peoples. The residential facility will host day-long and week-long seminars and workshops. 


Unser Ziel

* 2013 gründeten Einwohner Groß Glienickes und Mitglieder der Familie Alexander den Alexander Haus Verein.

* Unser Ziel ist es, Haus und Grundstück in einen Ort der Bildung und Versöhnung zu verwandeln. 

* Die erste Etappe, eine Denkmalschutz gerechte Restaurierung, ist bereits in vollem Gange. Im Anschluß wird das Gelände (weiter entwickelt werden: Derzeit laufen Planungen zur Errichtung eines neuen Seminar-Gebäudes, das uns ermöglichen soll, Gastgeber eines vielfältigen wie reichhaltigen Programms zu werden. 

* Zu diesem Zweck arbeitet der gemeinnützige Verein mit einer Vielzahl von Anwohnern, Vereinen und Partnern in Deutschland zusammen. Er wird von der Stadt Potsdam, dem Land Brandenburg und dem Bund sowie von internationalen Organisationen und Stiftungen unterstützt.




Sommerfest 2016 (Foto: ELES)

Sommerfest 2016 (Foto: ELES)